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 Интервю с Дънкан 5

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Age : 29
Registration date : 11.01.2007

ПисанеЗаглавие: Интервю с Дънкан 5   Чет Яну 11, 2007 9:47 pm

1. SM: So who did you work with on your debut album?
DJ: I worked with one producer and with lots of different writers. I wanted to write with one producer because if you work with a lot of different writers the album can become slightly disjointed. I chose Steve Lipson. He's worked with Will Young, Annie Lennox and Simple Minds. He uses real instruments, strings, guitar and drums and everything is real, played by real people.

2. SM: A lot of the members of Blue have solo projects at the moment like Simon Webbe and Lee Ryan.
DJ: Both of them have done well. So it is great to kind of follow their footsteps. I wanted to wait. Yeah, I have taken a year deliberately to get it right. I didn't want to rush it. So I can't beat myself up if it doesn't work, I can only feel proud of what I have achieved.

3. SM: Do you really want the album Future Past to succeed?
DJ: Yes, that's why I released the first single 'Sooner Or Later'. The song is easy listening, it is a happy, friendly track. I wanted that song to be the first [release] for that reason. The second single off the album is 'Can't Stop A River' which is written by Seal. It is a great song and I love it.

4. SM: What is your favourite song on Future Past?
DJ: 'What Are We Waiting For?' is my favourite track.

5. SM: Is there a particular story behind that song?
DJ: The song was written with the writer behind Will Young's 'Leave Right Now' and Natalie Imbruglia's 'Sugar'. It is the first song I wrote with him. The lyrics for the first verse go: "Everybody wants to love somebody, it's really simple but it's not that easy. Everybody needs some reassuring but when you break it down they don't believe it…" It is like we ALL want an idealistic romance and a happy ending, it is never really like that because we let issues get in the way.

6. SM: So do you think there is such as true love?
DJ: I'd like to think so, I'm a big romantic! I'm a big softie. I love the idea of being in love. I love the way it makes you feel.

7. SM: I know this is a bit of personal question, but are you in love now?
DJ: I'm not in love at the minute but I'd love to be in love.
Interviewed by: Sabuhi Mir
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Интервю с Дънкан 5
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